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  • The Best in the Business: A Story

    Here’s a great story I got from Lou Holtz on a leadership training video he did for an automobile manufacturer back in the early 80’s. I use it often with my youth sports teams and bring it out in business from time to time. It starts with, “I had a dream last night that the…

  • Just like Microsoft Word

    Do you remember the first time you ever used Microsoft Word? Neither do I. But here’s what I think happened: I opened up the program, looked at it for a minute, and then started typing. Without much effort at all, I was using it. Cool. And that’s probably what happened for you, too. That quick…

  • It’s all about quality

    “Quality, quality, quality. Never waver from it, even when you don’t see how you can afford to keep it up. When you compromise, you become a commodity and then you die.” —Gary Hirshberg, Founder of Stonyfield Farm Here’s how a friend of mine buys a new car… He figures out what kind of car he…

  • I think this is a better slogan

    I guess that’s why I’m not a hippie.

  • Three Super Bowl Take-Aways For Roofing Contractors

    If you’re a football fan, you know what I mean when I say: you look for lessons about life in the game. (If you’re not a football fan or if you don’t like the Seahawks and you just want to skip to the business ideas, click here.) Football is a lot like business. In football,…

  • price jobs for profit

    Pricing for Profit

    You price your jobs without figuring out the profit?

  • climbing

    Who do you want to be today?

    This article contains a lot of questions. The answers are up to you. Do you want to grow your business? Are you okay with the size it’s at now? Do you want to work more? Or would you like to work less? Is it possible for you to work smarter? You want to make a…

  • ready to give up

    Ready to Give Up on Your Business?

    Winners never quit and quitters never win. -Vince Lombardi      

  • Bill Parcells. The Roofer?

    I recently visited the office of a residential roofer here in California. It was a nice visit — in large part because the business is doing pretty well. They’re working hard to line up customers, and their hard work is paying off: they have jobs in production now and jobs on the books for the…

  • rise and shine

    Rise and Shine

    This is great. Watch it. Live it! (A great quote from this video:  “the voice you choose to listen to is one of defiance.”)