Which dollar makes you rich?


A disclaimer: This idea is not original to me — I cannot take credit for it. If anyone knows the origin of this, please let tell me and I’ll update the article.

Look at a millionaire. Which dollar did he earn that made him so financially well off?

Well? Which one was it?

It’s not that one dollar makes a millionaire, obviously. It’s all the dollars.

No one dollar will make you rich. Instead, it is the act of collecting dollars.

If you earn just one dollar — that won’t make you wealthy. But the habit of earning, saving and spending wisely — that will lead to wealth.wad-cash-roofing

I believe that — on some level — we all know this to be true. Unfortunately, we sometimes use this thinking as an excuse for our bad behavior: “One dollar isn’t going to make me rich, so I don’t mind wasting it on this or that.”

“It’s not important,” we tell ourselves. It’s only one dollar.

But if you don’t waste that dollar — or the next one or the next one — guess what? Eventually you’ve collected a lot of dollars.

The same kind of thinking applies to time and what you do with it.

Which day makes you great?calendar_roofing

We have an internal motto at Roof Chief: Be Great Today.

The “today” there reminds us to start working towards greatness immediately, and not to postpone it until tomorrow or next week.

Success is not one big thing that happens and then — boom — suddenly you’re successful. Success is a lot of little things adding up.

Don’t let yourself off the hook with an excuse like “I’m only wasting a little money” or “a little time.” Start collecting the little things right now — so can see big results later on.

Photo credits: The very cool pile of money shot comes via Nick Ares. The wad of bills is by 401(K) 2012. The hand and calendar is courtesy Joe Lanman. Thanks all.

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