Doing Mick Jagger’s Roof


Let’s say you book another re-roof job. It’s a fairly nice house — and a pretty good job for your company.

When your crew starts work on the first day, a guy comes out of the house and introduces himself. It’s Mick Jagger.

Mick is friendly and down-to-earth. He tells your crew that he bought the house recently. He didn’t want a mansion — he just wants a nice place to hang out and maybe write a new song or two with Keith Richards.

Suddenly this isn’t just another job you’re doing — it’s a job for Mick Jagger.

How would you treat the project differently?

Well, whether or not you are a Rolling Stones fan, here are some ideas of what you might do differently: you might tell your guys to do an especially good job. You might tell them to be particularly careful and respectful to Mick’s landscaping and outside furniture. You might tell them to do an extra good job cleaning up. And you might go out there yourself, to look around, inspect your crew’s work, and maybe even chat with Mick yourself.

What if Mick called your office with a question or two about the job? Would you get annoyed — or would you go above and beyond to answer his questions and explain the situation?

Also, If you talked to Mick, you’d thank him for his business. You might also ask him how your company got chosen for the job.

In short, you would probably go the extra mile on this job.

What if you did these things for every project you do? What if you went a little farther for every customer?

We don’t want you to be a Beast of Burden or to get No Satisfaction. We want to Start You Up. It’s only roofing (and we like it.)

Treat every customer like Mick Jagger. Treat them great – and you’ll be the rock star.

This article was inspired to a large degree by successful businessman and creative thinker Derek Sivers. You can read his website here – it has a lot of very cool ideas.

The photo of the rock concert crowd comes to us from nicolicreer. The Mick Jagger billboard is courtesy of Northsky71. Great pictures — thank you both!

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