Civilians, Knuckleheads, and Serious Roofing Contractors

Serious Roofing ContractorYep. Those three categories. Those are the three types of people we see in the world.

Civilians are just regular people, outside the roofing industry. Most civilians wouldn’t know a step flashing from a roll of felt — and that’s okay. Roofing contractors are here to help civilians — they’re our customers, after all.roofing contractor error

Then there are knuckleheads — people who intentionally or unintentionally screw up the business. Knuckleheads get in the way of you doing your work smoothly and profitably.

Knuckleheads are the suppliers who jack up your prices without warning — or who don’t deliver you what you need when they promised.

Knuckleheads are the “Pete Out of the Pick Up” roofers who undercut your prices. You lose the job, they don’t make any profit on the job, and they don’t serve the customer well. It’s lose-lose all around. Thanks, knucklehead.

Knuckleheads are the customers who don’t pay when — or what — they agreed to.

Unfortunately, there are too many knuckleheads and too many kinds of them.

Then there are serious roofing contractors.

Serious roofing contractors leave the house each morning in order to do a day’s work. That means serving customers and making money.

Serious roofing contractors know what they’re doing. They don’t just wing it and hope everything turns out okay. They are pros.roofing-contractor-handnail

Oh, and serious roofing contractors still have some fun in their work. Making money and helping civilians — those are good things. You’re allowed to have fun in the process.

That’s how we see the world. It’s pretty straightforward.

We’re here to help the serious roofing contractors. Is that you?

The close-up photo of the serious roofing contractor and the handnail is courtesy of H&S Roofing Charlotte, North Carolina. The serious roofing contractor with the American flag is thanks to Olympic NF.

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